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Co-creating Intimacy 

Spicy Pages

Taste of tantra

Shibari, art & therapy beyond the nodes

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Contact me for a tailored experience for you and your guests to live unique moments of conscious, juicy, and spicy interactions. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote in "The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo":

People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is “You are safe with me”- that’s intimacy.

...and what does intimacy mean to you?

“Co-creating intimacy” is a one-day workshop to explore what's the meaning of intimacy for each one of us, to reconnect with our bodies, and to (re)learn how to interact with other bodies, in order to transform the way we connect with people and to build meaningful and authentic connections!

The practices take shape from the combination of the teachings of Transpersonal Phycology, and Conscious Intimacy, from the perspectives of Somatic Sexuality, Neo-Tantra, ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and Embodied Spirituality. The key is to use movement and presence to listen and express what the body needs in every moment. Curiosity, consciousness, and respect are the main ingredients to co-create the space of intimacy, where all the activities are based on the practice of boundaries as a tool to feel safe and to explore the edge of your comfort zone.

Spicy Pages is a safe space where we will explore different facets of intimacy using art in all its expressions: movement, theatre, and writing combined together to explore our desires and live them with more awareness, humour, and joy.

It’s a one-day workshop to:

  • discover your fantasies and desires 
  • get to know yourself better through your characters
  • connect with other people on another level 
  • move your body and let yourself be surprised
  • give space to your spiciness

Do you long to feel more free and alive? Do you wish to live with authenticity, honesty, and connection? Tantra is an invitation to connect from one heart to another, to experience and embrace yourself and the world around you. To feel your clear YES and NO, and to allow yourself to discover and practice expressing your boundaries and desires.

A weekly space of 3 hours where you will get a glimpse of what Tantra is and how it can enrich your life. You will practice with tools that can support you to feel lighter and more relaxed, to be present in connection to yourself and others, and to feel free and alive!

Introduction to the beautiful and sensual art of tying.

A safe space along the transcendental path of tying together through three of the magical ingredients that make the alchemy of shibari possible: the ropes, the body, the connection.


As a lover and apprentice of the nodes, I organize a series of workshops where, by the hand of Masters of the ropes, we will establish an intimate communication from soul to soul, beyond the beauty of the knots.

A safe space where the invitation is to explore the intimate interaction with other human beings in all its shapes and tastes, bringing a dash of playfulness and tenderness, juiciness and sensuality, passion and cuddle, eros and empathy, kink and presence.

Everything is welcome within the boundaries of the space and the personal boundaries of each of the participants to co-create a jam of pleasure in all its melodies.

Special experiences tailored to create a safe space for you and your guests to live unique moments of conscious, juicy, and spicy interactions. To give shape to your fantasies and desires, contact me so we can start the process of co-creation!